Step 3 – Selections

So far all definitions of roof type and additions were manufacturer independent. Now in Step 3, we must select Gerard components for our roof. There are two types of selection: Required and Optional.


Required Selections

There are three required selections.

  • Region – there was already made a default selection by application itself. But you can change region if you want.
  • Tile Type – you can select any of Gerard Tile Type. After selecting desired Tile Type icon, pick the SAVE AND BACK TO SELECTIONS button.
  • Color – you can select any color available for Tile Type selected in previous selection step. The number of colors for different Tile Types varies. After selecting desired Tile Type Color icon, pick the SAVE AND BACK TO SELECTIONS button.

If you did all the required selection correctly, you will get the green checkmarks at the bottom of the icons/images and the green info bar with confirmation message: Added/Updated successfully.


Optional Selections

There are at least three optional selections. But there also can be more, depends on region and Tile Type selected under required selection. All the optional selections have defined default values. Picking the icons you can change these values.

Pick button FORWARD to proceed to Step 4 or BACK to return to Step 2.

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