Step 4 – Components

Step 4 is the last step of the Gerard Roof Calculator. Here you will create the list of Gerard components/elements for preselected Roof Type and additions.

Auto-Generated Components List

To create component list pick the green button AUTO-GENERATE COMPONENT LIST.
After a short time, the list is generated.


Manually Added Components

If you wish, you can add the components manually. Select Type, Sub-Type, Component and quantity. Then press ADD button and you will get the list off additional component bellow.


You can add as many additional components as you want.
If you want to remove additional component/s, pick DEL icon at the end of the desired row.

Export to CSV

Now you can select the button EXPORT TO CSV to create text file of Auto-generated component list and manually added components.


Pick button BACK to return to Step 3.

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