Gabled Dormer Addition


Input Data

Data required for addition calculation:

  • A – represents width of the addition roof (object + projecting roof) in meters.
  • B – represents length of the addition roof (object + projecting roof) in meters.
  • Angle K – represents addition roof slope angle. The lowest input number is 12°.
  • Quantity – represents number of these additions.
  • Status – enabled or disabled.
For decimal number use ‘point’ symbol i.e. 10.5. Using wrong symbol will encircle the field with red.

Data Confirmation

After entering all the numbers press button ADD to confirm the data input.

Edit Current Additions

To edit Current Additions pick Edit Button at the end of the Additions row.

Data Change

You can change the input data at any time after first confirmation. Press button UPDATE and wait until data is updated.

Next Step

Proceed to next step of roof calculator with button FORWARD >>

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